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We sell a wide range of packing materials that are ideal for packing and moving homes and offices.

Standard Packing Cartons

The traditional removal packing cartons.

Book Cartons

Ideal for packing books, magazines or heavy items.

Archive Cartons

These archive boxes and lids are excellent for storing, organising and recording documents. The box and lid allows easy access to all stored records whilst still providing ample strength for stacking and racking when full. The cardboard archive box sizes have been chosen to accomodate Box Files, A4 and foolscap folders.

Wardrobe Cartons

Ideal for transporting and storing clothes and garments. These cardboard cartons are reusable, and clothes can be hung on the hanging rail, which helps keep clothing clean and tidy.

Mattress Bags

Single, double, and king size bags.

Vinyl Tape

Strong, multipurpose removal and packaging tape. Ideal for securing finished boxes.

Packing Paper

All purpose protection. Similar to newspaper but without the print, so both you and your belongings stay clean.


Bubble wrap packaging keeps items safe while in transit. Use bubble wrap packaging to safely transport items. Use Anti Static bubble wrap to protect electrical componants.

Paper Blankets

Made up of several layers of paper and can be wrapped around items such as tables, to protect them from the general knocks and scratches.

Corrugated Card

Good protection for table legs, hat stands and other furniture.


Delivered to your door

  • 10 x General purpose cartons
  • 10 x D/W book box
  • 5m x 750mm wide bubble
  • 2kg x Standard packing paper
  • 5 x Polythene bedding bags
  • 1x Roll of tape

For further information about our boxes and packaging products, please contact us.